Разное о возрасте
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For both advertisers and partners

Aesthetics of Age is one of the biggest media for people of graceful age!

We are a successful platform, also from a commercial point of view, for any industry that can target people aged 35+

Audience on social media networks:
target audience
150 000
total number of subscribers
1 200 000
coverage of people per week
Project focus areas
Leisure time

Our heroes

Women and men who are not afraid of their age.
Those who are happy at their age.
Those who have changed their life, even though it has almost been passed.

These people are better off in every way through the years, and they are able to share this experience with the world around them. Such people are able to make the world a happier place. People who are beautiful inside and in harmony with themselves are always beautiful outside as well.
In the fashion industry, there is an increasing emphasis on age models. More and more companies are choosing women and men over 50 as the face of their brand. The grey hair, the charisma, the charming wrinkles in the corners of the eyes have become in high demand in the market. These models appeal to all audiences.

The criteria for beauty and age are changing rapidly. Now, after 40, the sun of conscious real life is just beginning to rise. The current mature age has another 25 years of free beautiful life.

Aesthetics of age is about beauty beyond age, beyond limits. It is the ability to express yourself without being ashamed of your years. It is the ability to enjoy life and find yourself, your way of life.

Our project
  • Motivates
    Not to get stuck in the past, in longing for youth, for years gone by. The past is a precious experience. Beauty is the present. The value of life is in the moment.
  • Helps and supports
    To wake up from the slumber into which people begin to fall as they get older, losing familiar social roles, health, youthful appearance.

    Aesthetics of age helps you become aware. Helps you start a bright new life. Helps by other people's example, with advice. Build communication among peers.
  • Encourages
    Acceptance of new age stages and keeping up with the times.

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