Разное о возрасте
Hepl project
Making a documentary that will change the perception of pensioners' living in different parts of the world
Exploring the mindsets of the world's different societies at the age of retirement
What's the film about?
These are some real-life stories of elderly people from different parts of the world.

We aim to find out from them how they feel about this period in their lives. What expectations they had before and how they were preparing for retirement. How and with what privileges they are supported by the state. What is their main purpose in life, how do they see their life in the future?
Why are we eager to make this film?
With this film, we want to give younger generations a glimpse into the joys and challenges of retirement age.
To show how we can create our own future and society, and influence the environment of our city or country.

Our exploratory series will contribute to expanding the idea of maturity and senior age.
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    Project authors
    Producer Ksenia Leus and the team of the Aesthetics of Age
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    Start of fundraising
    2023 February, 6
  • 3
    Project launch date
    2023 April 
Film editing
350 000 руб.
5 0000 $
Fundraising already underway for the 1st stage shoot:
Your support is invaluable to us ❤️
2 700 руб. + 12 $
Необходимая сумма:
The film-making process is divided into several phases:
Synopsis - scene plan
Shooting plan and budgeting
out of 350 000 rub.
8 540 rub.
( 122 $
Developing and searching for stories
2% out of 100%
out of 5 000 $
We would be grateful for your words of support, your ideas, your willingness to be involved in the film-making!