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Become a model of Aesthetics of Age
Tell your story in our pages

Become a model of Aesthetics of Age
Tell your story in our pages
  • We have been inspiring hundreds of thousands of women for almost 6 years.
  • Organize a photo shoot in the CIS and all countries in Europe
  • We will write a story about you and post it on all our websites
Our team is always on the lookout for new faces!
We believe:
  • Age is just a number!
  • A woman is always beautiful in everything she does! The main thing is to stop living under the pressure of age, the image of which is imposed on us by the modern beauty industry!
  • Stereotypes about grey hair and other "granny" images will go away!
  • A feeling of life, flight, movement - that's what youth is all about and it can last forever!
That's why we create photo stories with women and men 45+ to break stereotypes and inspire our audience to live for real!
Photographer, producer, project creator
Age is not just a number, actually it's treasure of experience, wisdom and being unique. That's why we offer you to immerse yourself in the aesthetics of age through the lens and work of our professionals.
After all, a photo story is more than just a shoot, it's an opportunity to reflect your personality.

The achievements of our models

After appearing in our media and social networks, the photo stories of our heroines attract the attention of both subscribers and representatives of modeling agencies and advertising companies. Many of our models have been offered advertising contracts and have become the faces of various brands and campaigns.
Our model Luda Birman has a modeling contract in Israel
"Age of Aesthetics has set a new direction for my development. And I am very grateful to you - it has provided new opportunities, sometimes - unexpected ones for me. First of all, of course, the new ones concern my modelling career. I became involved in many professional photo projects. These projects include amazing work done in Russia for Australia, Canada and South America. It was also a great joy for me to sign a contract with a major Israeli modeling agency. And now I have a new offer and I am working on recording an audiobook".
Canadian magazine VIGOUR has published our photos with model Galina Borisova, 62 y.o.
Elena started her journey as a model and longevity expert with Aesthetics of Age with a shoot a year ago
  • Featured in several magazines, including a shoot with our team
  • Promoted as a model and longevity expert
  • Receives advertising offers via her blog
  • Starred in the advertising integration of Aesthetics of Age for the brand Schwanen Garten distributor of the Korean cosmetics brand LUON.
We discovered Elena Parfenova as a model.
She is now regularly shooting for brands including

  • ads for the cafe chain "Bizet" along with Tele-2
  • ads for Bars medicines for cats and dogs
  • ads for Australian natural cosmetics
  • ads for Brand NOVA OPTIC eyeglasses
  • "Stylish Silver", etc.
Every photo shoot starts with a thorough preparation: a joint effort with the producer, makeup artist and stylist to create a unique image that matches your personality and your story.
Each shoot captures both your outward appearance, energy and personality
We won't just give you a photo or two
We will write a story about you and post it on all our websites, where hundreds of thousands of people already read us every day, gaining motivation and inspiration.

If you have a personal brand or business, this is an additional opportunity to attract a new audience, as our venues reach over 1,000,000 people.

Photo shooting for a silver-aged woman

Warm feedback about us

Just look, how our models are amazing!!

    Ready to become an inspiration to yourself and our readers?

    We create more than just photos, we create real stories wrapped in the atmosphere of your very life. Trust us to turn your story into more than a set of beautiful images, but rather a source of inspiration and new memories for years to come.

    Start your journey into the world of aesthetics and important moments of your life by ordering your photo story from us!
    What is included:
    € 1000
    Further details
    ⭐ You decide with the project producer whether it's a set or a studio.

    ⭐ Location: CIS countries, European and EU countries.

    ⭐ The cost of shooting in other cities and countries is discussed with the producer.

    The price DOES NOT include:
    payment for the studio, make-up artist, hairdresser and stylist!!!

    Photo shooting for a grandmothers

    "Age is not the most important thing for a woman: you can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and remain irresistible for the rest of your life."
    "Age is not the most important thing for a woman: you can be gorgeous at 20, charming at 40 and remain irresistible for the rest of your life."
    Reviews of our models ❤️
    • Dear Friends!
      In December, I took part in the Aesthetics of Age project.
      I had been meaning to for two years, but I finally made up my mind.
      You know, I got an aesthetic pleasure from everything that was happening at the site.
      Working with professionals — it's a pleasure!
      Thank you so much to everyone: makeup artist, stylist, photographer, producer, editor and everyone involved in the project 🙏😃
      I was only feeling positive, confident, relaxed and eager to create.
      For me, this project is a step forward in developing my blog, in personal progress, being manifest and reaching scale.
      Thank you for the invitation!

      Yes, missed, such important information.
      About 800 people subscribed, and there was feedback from people, I responded to all of them, 350 people have texted me and are still texting.

      There was an explosion of emotions, and the audience was a pleasure to talk to — special. THANK YOU for that! ❤️🔥

      Photo story with Aleksandra

    • I had dreamed of becoming a photo model, and I did.
      I am grateful to Aesthetics of Age for support, understanding and inspiration.
      Also, for putting together an excellent team in Kirov; stylist, makeup artist and photographer. They all were the best.
      The photo shoot just cheered me up.
      My self-esteem improved, I got more energy, just a woman's energy.
      Nobody but my husband knew that I was preparing to become a model.
      And what a delight it was when my sons saw their mother as a model.
      Colleagues at work called and congratulated me...
      Proud of myself filled me to the brim....
      It feels so good, you can't put it into words, you just need to feel it.
      I am grateful to the Aesthetics of Age team for their professionalism, attitude, sincerity and warmth.

      I wish for the Aesthetics of Age community to flourish.

      Believe in yourself, and it does not matter how old you are, dream and bring your dreams to life,
      Because a dream is like a guiding star❤❤❤

      Photo story with Galina
      Galina Chirkovaa
    • Well, that day was strange, a bit ominous, incomprehensible.... And the photo shoot turned out — a real bomb!!! The vibe of our team — Ksenia Leus, Valya Borisova — stylist and me — was so vivid, that there was a lot of eroticism, even though it was not supposed to be and was not meant to be)))

      What did this shoot give me? Apart from the commercial offers, which have become more frequent, I have met some very interesting people who are subscribers to the account. Self-confidence, inner freedom, creativity surged with renewed vigour!

      Ksenia (she is a wonderful photographer, business lady, mother, just a charming, beautiful, inspiring woman) and I have become friends. Perhaps we'll make something else up...

      Photo story with Tatiana
      Tatiana Dogaeva
    • I was curious to see how people would react to such stories. And I've noticed that older women's stories certainly go down a bomb. It's just wow. But if you compare it with women of my age, then yes, my story had a noticeable effect. A lot of people have texted me in direct. I got, like, 400 more subscribers. For a real audience, that's a pretty big deal. But of course you cannot compare it with the reaction to famous people and to us, common women.

      But I am so grateful that I have had this opportunity.

      Photo story with Irina
      Irina Avdeeva
    • My Dears!
      I want to thank you for the wonderful team who has managed to make it all come to life so perfectly.
      Thank you so much for your work and professionalism.
      I know how comforting it is when you come in and don't have to think for others, because everyone knows their business and everything is clear, easy and soulful.
      The feedback was great, over 14000 views🎉
      Thank you once again , and I hope fortune will surely bring us together and more than once.
      Hugs 🌞

      Photo story with Olga (russian version)
      Olga Vorobyeva
    • "It is a pleasure to read the blog. You can see that Ksenia Leus and her team really love what they do. It's amazing that the team of young girls prefers to expose people who are older than themselves.
      Ksenia sees us as the kind of 'twists' that can be useful to society."

      Photo story with Elena (russian version)

      Elena Pluzhnik
    • Ksenia, thank you from the bottom of my heart❣️
      You are so smart and doing such an important thing👍👏😘

      Your project is awesome!!!
      Implementing it so beautifully and professionally!!!
      I admire you🤩😊😘💞

      I remember our co-creation with warmth💞💝💗❣️🔥😘☀️🌈

      Ksenia, so many reviews!!!
      You are so popular!!!
      What a clever girl you are!!!!))
      That's how long it takes to even read this!!!!
      I don't want to reply to everyone - it would be like ping pong.

      Photo story with Tatiana (russian version)

    • I would like to express my great gratitude for the invitation to participate in the "Age of Aesthetics" project and our work together!
      It was my first experience of participating in such shoots, and your support and high professionalism helped me a lot!
      Despite some resistance, thanks to you I was able to overcome it. It's very important to say to yourself - you did it, you did it, so you can do it again.
      You worked so skillfully and confidently "behind the scenes" that I didn't feel constrained at all, everything happened easily.
      Telling your personal story publicly is also a step, and here you convinced me that it might be useful to someone.
      I am grateful to Olya and her great skill, who immediately saw me and shaped the image, exactly the one in which I felt comfortable.
      She was there for us, tweaking, quickly changing the image, prompting, and supporting. Thank you!
      I am grateful to all the people who responded very warmly. in the comments. There were so many of them! They gave me incredible energy and confidence!
      I'm grateful to all the haters who pointed out my "weaknesses".
      I believe in exchanging energies, and when you receive so much positive energy, space will reciprocate.
      This shoot has brought me the most valuable thing - experience and the right direction.
      I am sure we will meet again soon, and continue our collaboration!

      Photo story with Ekaterina (russian version)
    • Thanks to the enthusiasm of the young team, it opened up new aspects of life for me, which in a way came as a surprise. Before this meeting, my professional work was connected exclusively with securities, finance and banking. But participation in the project opened up new perspectives and filled my life with bright colours. Over these two years, I have starred in more than 20 creative and commercial photo shoots, and I have got to know many interesting and talented people.

      Photo story with Luda (russian version)
      Luda Birman
    • Ksenia, those comments under the photos - THANK YOU!!!
      My daughter highly appreciated your work! Photo with carpet)) - liked it)) -
      "Gold, rug and glasses - eccentric))))" - My daughter's opinion, she's an art historian))-😊
      This job is awesome! So much material to shoot , then "dig in"!
      Just soooo many good ones!!!💕💋💐RESPECT , RESPECT TO YOU!!!

      Photo story with Olga (russian version)
      Olga Rtischeva
    • It's finally happened!!! The blog looks beautiful and impressive). Special thanks for the Instagram link - the cherry on the cake))).

      Photo story with Elena (russian version)
      Elena Parfenova
    If you have any questions and you nedd more details, please, contact us via email