Разное о возрасте
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Nikolay Drozdov

Simplicity of age
"In the Animal World" charming host answered important questions about the Aesthetics of Age. Watch the video to know how he sees the senior age and hear his familiar voice.

What does a man acquire as he gets older?

I'm not one of the celebs out there getting past 80 and dating a girlfriend in her 25s, or 30s, or 40s. That's a devil knows what.
Getting older, one is supposed to get the confidence that he is living the right life.

During your life you may think whether you are living right or not. But if you have reached the age of 70-80, and you like everything about your life — it means that you live right. You are supposed to like everything! And you are supposed to smile. A true smile is not ingratiating, not pathetic, and not arrogant.

Smiles can be different, you know. A smile should be joyful. Not self-confident. Then there are two different things. If you're self-confident, that's not good. And if you're confident, it's good. Do you feel the difference?

You have to be confident in yourself. Be sure that you're doing everything right. It's like having pride in something: in the deeds of others, in your country, in your family. And arrogance is a sin. Pride and arrogance. Pride is good. Arrogance is bad.

Are you going anywhere on a trip now, and if so, where to?

I just got back from my Astrakhan trip, by the way. It's not that far, I arrived just yesterday, and my wife went there with me. And she is already over 70, and I am over 80.

You know, I'm not one of the celebs in their 80s dating a girlfriend of 25-40 years old. That's a devil knows what.

Is there any age at which one should stop travelling?

No! Well, there are some "philosophers" who like to sit still. But there's a different kind of people who are born to travel. They must necessarily travel. It's a form of life. I'm gonna do it for as long as I can move around on my own.

Till what age do you plan travelling?

Up until the last day, of course.

What would you recommend people who are afraid of getting old?

How can one be afraid of it? It is a natural human condition, so to say. At senior age so many wise ideas come to your thinking. It makes life more interesting. Everything becomes more and more interesting.

Now I'm wondering about the origin of the Universe. It's a question that people won't answer for long. Undoubtedly.

There's something I'm thinking about a lot right now to get closer to the truth, which is still beyond our understanding. It gives me such energy. It's very interesting. For this you don't have to travel, of course. But travelling also helps us learn more about ourselves on our planet.

Our Earth still keeps a lot of secrets. The Earth does so as a planet, and as a living super organism with its surface of saturated life. It's very interesting, isn't it?

What is the aesthetics of age?

As you get older, you have to keep it as simple as possible. You see that fashion is a waste of time, so to speak. My jacket is grey, my trousers are black. The shirt is light blue. That's it, I don't need anything else. And if the young people are like, "I need a tie like this..." Now you can have the shoulders raised, and the trousers made narrower. That's... I don't care about that. It makes me free from all the nonsense in my head. You know what I mean? I think about how I feel about people: around me, and about my family. I try to do some good deeds and stay helpful.

That's what I find interesting.

Interview prepared
by Ksenia Leus
Author and producer