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This tale is not about the ugly duckling,
It's about a beautiful swan.

The story of Ekaterina, 50 years old
Nothing can stop us! We've met an amazing woman again
and now can share a new photo story with you !
Model: Ekaterina
Photographer: Ksenia Leus
Once upon a time there was a girl, Katya by the name. Her eyelashes, her long hair, and her eyebrows were whiter than white. She didn't realize that she was different.

Time went on and on. Katya went to school with all the other children. And the girl Katya got to know that she was: "White-haired!" Even the red-haired girls had visible eyebrows and eyelashes. But it was not Katya's case. And the girl became unhappy.

"The poor duckling did not know where he dared stand or where he dared walk. He was so sad because he was so desperately ugly, and because he was the laughing stock of the whole barnyard!"

Children can be very cruel, as well as the society with its standards. Teenagers are left alone to find themselves and try to resist.

Children teased Katya at school. She tried to solve the problem by putting mascara on her eyelashes and by shaving her eyebrows to the thickness of a thread to make them easier to paint. But it made her look comical. Her mother used to scold her for this make-up. Her father believed that the strength of a woman's beauty was her long hair and forbade Katya to have it cut.

Who remembers being a teenager? What a titanic task, to carry that weight of uniqueness on your shoulders?! And the heavier the weight is, the harder you want to change! So Katya changed her hair, she began to cut it a little with scissors to make it less noticeable, and pinned it up.

Putting on make-up in the stairwell just before school and removing make-up without micellar water, and all this in secret – this is a real challenge.
Once all secrets are revealed, dad noticed that the power of beauty had run out from Rapunzel's curls to a shabby ponytail; so he relented and gave the go-ahead for a haircut.

At the barber's there was even a beauty parlour and nail service. It seemed to be a miracle. It was another world! Katya was so impressed that she asked to work there for free.

During the summer vacation she used to come to the barbershop as if she were really working there. And it was there that she was taught how to properly care for her hair, her face - for herself.

Many years have passed since then. Today Scandinavian models mesmerise and shine from the catwalks - singularity is gradually capturing the world. Ekaterina admires these snow-white natural divas. She has learned to see individuality in her singularity. And became what she is now.

She has got two university degrees, one in engineering and one in economics. She has 23 years of experience in banking, and now she works for the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia. Her hobby is psychology. Her son is 29 years old. She has been in a happy relationship with her boyfriend for 7 years now.
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
We are pleased to meet one more incredible woman, learn her story, and tell you now. And of course we asked her about the essentials.

Why is the cult of youth so strong in Russia?

- I don't think the cult of youth is one of the strongest in Russia. I think that Russian women are genetically conditioned to look attractive and well-groomed, such as Svetlana Bondarchuk and Sati Spivakova.

What do you think of the cosmetology. How do you feel about the trend of visiting a cosmetologist at a young age?

- A cosmetologist should always be in a woman's life, as well as a gynecologist. I have had Botox injections and used fillers, and I have also tried apparatus cosmetology - I see no point in hiding it and claiming that I look this way only due to genetics and the "fresh" air of Moscow. Now, in addition to that, I have returned to sculpting and buccal massage - I find them very effective. I don't dye my hair, for the last 11 years I have had one stylist whom I trust to cut my hair.

How has your attitude to the age changed? Were there any periods of awareness, acceptance, or fear?

- Yes, it was very uncomfortable to cross the age limit of 50. The examples of women of my age, and a bit older, helped me in that case. Cindy Crawford is 54, Naomi Campbell is 50, Monica Bellucci is already 56! They all look great at their age! And their examples show that it's just a number on a passport. By the way, I've always liked Grace Kelly's style - sophisticated, refined, and noble.

What other ways do you care for yourself? Is it sport?

- Ten years ago I used to work out at the gym, I was fond of strength training. Now my sporting activities are replaced with regular walking, every morning I go to the underground on foot to get to work and every evening I go back home the same way, which takes about 8 km in total. The only exception is bad weather.

When it comes to genetics, and something I'm really proud of – that is the colour of my hair and the shape of my nails - that's my dad's credit. Dad was a very handsome man who also created his image himself. When he was young, he looked like an exceptional nerd, very much like the actor Alexander Demyanenko; then my father became an imposing man. Daddy died 34 days just before his 50th wedding anniversary with my mum - and this is the hardest trauma of my life.

What is the best age for a woman?

- In my opinion, there is no certain best age for a woman – each period of life is beautiful and amazing and every stage should be accepted with gratitude. I believe that the future belongs to artificial intelligence and soon the science will find a way to prolong health and youth. And each of us is responsible for our own internal state of mind - if your thoughts are positive, you are grateful for any circumstances in your life, you are open to new things - this will be reflected in your appearance.

What is your credo?

- "A strong man will overcome the obstacle, but a wise man will go all the way" (Chinese proverb)
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
возрастная модель - женнский портрет - фотосессия - портретная съемка
Photo: Ksenia Leus