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When there is a flourishing garden in the soul

Galina Borisova, 62 y.o.
"If you love a flower that lives on a star, it is sweet to look at the sky at night. All the stars are a-bloom with flowers..."
The Little Prince

Remember the Rose that the Little Prince was so concerned about in the philosophical fairy tale by Saint-Exupéry?
That flower stood for Love. These concepts and images always stand alongside the word Woman.

Poets and artists of all times have compared flowers to women. The flowers in their hands have a special meaning, a stunning symbolic combination of the two natural phenomena. Flowers and Woman.

Centuries go by, and the tradition of giving women bouquets never fades: the association is so strong. It's true, every woman can be compared to a flower, and each woman will have her own.

Today we are going to tell you about Galina. Read, look at the pictures, and you will probably immediately see some flower in front of you and smell its fragrance!

Galina is directly related to the world of flowers. She has been a florist and decorator for 30 years.
Now we will tell you what it means to be a florist, and you will immediately notice the connection between the profession and Galina herself. We noticed it, and we got an even better feel for our heroine.

Psychologists and scientists have long claimed that contact with flowers, even just visual, even with a small plant improves the mental state. The view of wildlife gives a sense of security and harmony.

  • Working with flowers develops aesthetic sensitivity, people of this profession literally learn to see beauty in everything.
  • Florists are people who live in the moment, contact with flowers is an effective meditation, a release from information tension.
  • This is also the development of creative thinking.
  • It is all about working with your hands and fingers. The constant development of fine motor skills trains important centres in the brain. In advanced age, it is a powerful prevention of dementia. It literally regenerates the brain.
  • Floristry is a real language. The language of emotions, feelings. And florists have a great command of it.

And Galina has been speaking this language for 30 years! "I love people and give them joy with my work. I remain an optimist and look for positive aspects in everything."

She was born, studied, works and lives in Moscow. With a large, close-knit family. Galina has very many friends. Two children and three grandchildren. It was morally difficult to become a grandmother at 44: when grandchildren called her grandmother, Galina turned around thinking that her mother-in-law was behind her back. But the word "grandmother" for our heroine is synonymous with "tenderness" and "care", so soon the discomfort passed
Galina doesn't feel age, she's not afraid of it and doesn't think about it. It is admitted that the turn of 30 was marked with fears. Before her 30th birthday, she joked, telling the children that "tomorrow your mother will wake up old." The children ran in for it the morning, and the mother remained as young as before. Fears turned out to be "cockroaches in the head," which then ran away, pressing the whiskers to the back of the head. And life went on. "As if the doors began to open, such as in a long gallery, and I'm moving forward. As soon as I reach the goal, the next one appears."

Galina's advice on how to stay young and look good is simple. "Don't sit on the couch. A wide circle of communication. Learn new things. Achieve new goals."

But we think that's not the only thing that helps Galina glow like that. The profession is also doing its toll. And the only difference between Galina and flowers is that she does not fade, the smile is sunny and young.

What flower did you remember when looking at Galina's photos?

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