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About stars and dreams

Galina Chirkova, 65 y.o.
A shooting star is the first step towards your dreams. For everything in life is very simple: the main thing is to really want to. Of course, you would say: these are all trite inspirational words that shatter into molecules against the realities of life's circumstances. But all those things we used to think of as obstacles are our experiences. The simple, mundane things, the things we often don't appreciate so much - they are a huge part of the life we love, the things that become memories, the things we can't tear away.

And it's not just the "hardships", the everyday life, but also the bright, cool opportunities; they were needed just when they appeared. And on the other side of the world, a mystery star could burst into a million pieces at any moment and make your dream come true in a bright flash. Just when you need it to. It could fly for decades. It will find a place of its own. So it goes for our new heroine Galina.
We've prepared one more photo story and have the honour of being part of Galina's dream. Tell you, you wouldn't think Galina's star had just started making her wish come true here. A real model from a business magazine has turned out. We share it with you.
About Galina

Born in a township of Falenki in the Kirov Region (900 km northeast of Moscow).
Already at school she got a dream of becoming a photo model.
"I remember going on a camping trip, climbing into a haystack with the girls, and there was meteor shower. I made a lot of wishes. And life just kept on spinning my wheels. College, love, marriage. Giving birth to sons.

After their moving to Murmansk, the economic default hit. Experience of living on a collective farm. Racketeering, the wild 90s.

Galina has two sons, who currently run a successful business in Sochi.
"Sons are our love and pride.
Husband, the love of my life. 44 years together".

She also worked as a Commercial Director at a health resort.
And 4 months ago she left the position with letters of commendation and warm words.
Galina decided it was time to fulfil her dreams.

And it became her hobby.
— How do you feel about natural ageing?

— I don't really like that word. 'Ageing'... Advanced beauty is wonderful. Every wrinkle speaks volumes. I know my wrinkles are from smiling and laughing. And I treasure every one of them. And I never stop smiling and enjoying Life.
I live in the moment of the here and now. I don't live in the past and I don't run far into the future. My principle is: "Be happy at this moment, this moment is your life".

— Where do you source your energy from?

— I get my energy from nature. From Nordic walking. Traveliing: the sea gives me lots of energy. And also from communicating with people I care about. From photo shooting and singing. From writing inspirational posts.
From women's club.

— Are there any secrets to youthfulness?

— Never get discouraged. Exercise every day. Take care of your health. Walk more. Walk 5 km every day. Take bath.
I also do honey face masks.
— How did you feel about the age limit ? 30th birthday ? 40? 50? Was there a period when it was difficult to accept your age ?

— I accept my age with Gratitude.

— And what is an age?

— Do live not by your age, but in the rotation of life, define your age by how you feel.

— What do you lack from the "young" years?

— Carefree, unrestrained joy.

— Do you have any observations about women in Russia and their perception of their age?

— Many Russian women do not accept their age. In the pursuit of artificial beauty, they lose the most precious thing: being themselves and accepting themselves for who they are.

— What has age given to you?

— Age has given me wisdom, elegance and mental comfort. It has given me the ability to accept people as they are. I've got the understanding that it is better to be happy than always be right.
— If you found a bottle with a genie in it, what wish would you make?

— I would wish for health and happiness for myself and my loved ones. And personally, I would make a wish for myself. I want all my wishes to come true. To become a model, to sing on the stage. And to write a book about my life.

"I love life very much, and I never complain about it, and life loves those who don't complain about it very much. A DREAM is like a guiding star. A bright little beacon of hope and Inspiration. I walk towards it with small steps. Sometimes I stop to enjoy the process.
And if something fails, I know firmly that chance is never the only one. Only Life is the only one."

— And we believe that all your dreams come true as well. They will do anyway. A shooting star will surely complete its flight! That's for sure!
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