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I'm 57 and this is just the beginning!

Elena Kutyrina, 57 y.o.

Unfortunately, for many years our society has had a stereotype that once a woman reaches a certain age, she turns into a grandmother in a kerchief and a chintz dressing gown.

Baking cakes and knitting socks is all she does. At the same time, there are a lot of young people around with droopy eyes, droopy shoulders and drooping eyes.

However, an elegant age has its own mature beauty, charm and allure.

This is a time when you no longer have to prove anything to those around you, including your external appearance. A woman's eyes, accomplishments and outlook can tell a lot more about her.

In addition, as she gets older a woman acquires strength, experience, wisdom, self-sufficiency, as well as a developed taste and sense of her own sexuality. She is able to enjoy her maturity and her companionship with the people she chooses for herself.

This is exactly the kind of content our heroine is full of!

Business lady

AA: Elena, let's start with a short and to the point: describe yourself with one quote

Elena: "I try to live my life in such a way that I don't regret anything, I always choose the route that my desire pushes me towards. I follow my dreams, and that's the only way." Darren Aronofsky.

AA: So, you know, you're a success, what is your profession?

Elena: I worked as a practical physician at the beginning of my career. I have experience as a doctor. And then I started a business where I work still to this day.

AA: Let's talk about the aesthetics of age. In your opinion, does it exist and in what way is it manifested?

Elena: For me, it is harmony and rationality, and I am sure that it applies not only to age after 45, it applies to any age. And young women and men also often lack these qualities.

Each age has its own characteristics, which we gradually learn and try to realize.
AA: How did you come to accept your age?

Elena: I have never had this question, whether to accept or not, what to do and how to live. And I don't understand why it has to come up, it doesn't come up when you turn 18, 30 or 40, how to live your life. Why should it come up when you turn 50 or 60? I live and work and feel better than I did when I was younger. I have a tremendous amount of life and professional experience that you can't get without living your life.

AA: Life is so unpredictable with its twists and turns, where do you draw your energy and love from?

Elena: Love for life is either there or it is not. It is an individual feeling. Energetically everyone feeds from different sources, for some it is nature, for some it is communication. For me, it's the results. It can be the result of work, a successful training, a competition, a photo shoot, a fashion show, etc., when I did what I had intended to do and did it perfectly.
AA: Your photos convey such strong energy and cheerfulness. Tell us what helps you to stay in a good mood and keep your interest in life.

Elena: I believe that everything happens in the best way, and my interest in life is curiosity. I am curious about everything in life. I still want to learn a lot, I have not experienced so much in life, for example diving or being a pilot myself.

I still have the most beautiful third of my life ahead of me and I will manage everything I want to do.

AA: What are the gifts a woman acquires by the age of 50?

Elena: Wisdom. Well at the very least I would like to hope that wisdom comes to everyone as they get older. In fact, every age can be incredible if you have a positive attitude to life, if you perceive each new day as a pleasant benefit of destiny.

Become a silver-age model

AA: What do women lack after 50?

Elena: It seems to me that if a woman lacks something, but wants it very much, she will always solve the issue. For me, it's a question of my own desire.

AA: What is your own life philosophy? Please give our readers a touch of your feminine wisdom and some words of advice.

Elena: Like most modern people, I have a pragmatic approach to defining a philosophy of life. For me, meaning is defined by the reality in which I live. And I create this reality on my own. There is no one-size-fits-all advice for all occasions. All I can say is this: live each day, love and laugh, grieve and cry, work and rest. Believe in human values and in yourself, despite all life's troubles. Decency, kindness and love are something that we can give to the world and the world will give them back in return.

One thing is clear after these warm talks:
The world is the same for everyone. The question is how you deal with it. The sun is the sun. While one is hiding from it under a hat, the other is getting a suntan. Elena is the person who chooses to get a beautiful chocolate tan from life.
Photo story of the wonderful Elena was created by:

Producer — Ksenia Leus
Photographer — Alisa Printseva
Make-up — Aleksandra Yatsenko
Stylist — Zeinab Gadzhieva

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