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From the heart of Kazan to your heart

Nellya Kuramshina, 60 y.o.
Our heroine Nelya Kuramshina is from the heart of Kazan for Age of Aesthetics. She is an orthodontist and owns her own clinic.
Every Tatar woman is marked by inner spirits, intellectual sophistication and soulful grace, and is a hostess of a supreme spiritual principle.
— Women of all ages and nations are curious about the secrets of beauty and youth. What is your secret?

— My secret is not a secret at all. Beauty comes from inside. The most beautiful hair is clean, and of any colour. The most beautiful eyes are gentle, kind, and of any colour. The most beautiful lips are smiling sweetly. Beauty is not about make-up, colours, lenses, and clothes. It is about your character, your heart. The rest will follow. One chooses by "wrapper", and appreciates by taste and quality. "The wrapper" always gets thrown away.

— How do you see the situation of ageism in Russia?

— Ageism? This word causes confusion for me. Ageism is inevitable. I am not interested in how others regard my age, what is important to me is to please myself, because I so often hear compliments... The most frightening thing is the inner ageism.

— You have very beautiful hair (laugh). How do you feel about grey

— If I happen to notice a strand of silver hair, and it suits me, I will accept it with gratitude and will not dye it out.

— Who are your role models among ageing celebrities?

— I don't have any role models or idols. There are those I admire. Monica Bellucci is the most beautiful and intelligent. For some reason women are very fond of extremes. Either they don't look after themselves at all, or they get too obsessed, I mean obviously artificial beauty. But! There are more and more beautiful adult women now.

— There's always an exciting story in everyone's life. What's yours?

— On my 60th birthday, I woke up and decided to fly away from the anniversary routine. I rented a big chalet in the mountain resort Rosa Khutor, invited my girlfriends over, rented a cabriolet, hired a Tibetan chef for dinner, DJs and — it was the best birthday ever! Chilled out — I think for another ten years to come.

— You are amazing with your energy! What is your advice to our subscribers?

— Never prove anything to anyone. Just keep your opinion to yourself. Don't waste your time on things that aren't really interesting. Love everything around you. Life is amazing and beautiful.

The most basic recipes for happiness are not complicated and confusing, but are at the very surface, don't try to postpone happiness until tomorrow, be there for people whose path coincides with yours.

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