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What is happiness
at senior age?

The level of care is love!

How elderly people's happiness is safeguarded
at Senior Group geriatric centers.

What is happiness?

That is a routine question for kitchen ranting. But nobody asks it anymore. And no one can find an answer. Each time it tickles inside, flickers and never comes together into the right words...

Happiness is hard to grope, we yearn for feeling it. We want to hold it in our hands, what is it like: soft, warm, and tender?

Why does it slip away? Why not lock it inside once and for all?

Why do we constantly have to look for happiness as we grow up? And sometimes it is right here, breathes on you, and you wave your hands in the void. Where is it?

What are you, happiness?

Any five-year-old child will answer without hesitation, confidently; and he will be much surprised, that an adult doesn't know such an easy answer: 'love'. He doesn't put so much crap in it, with which the word gets stuffed as he grows older. This love is all-encompassing, profound. Everything in the world is in this word: his mother, father, his grandmother, grandfather, he himself, their cat, his toys, dreams, family care — his life and everything in it.

And here we stand on the first point: so small and pretty, holding happiness in our hands. Oops, and we lose it. And then we find ourselves on a long path of searching, groping happiness, and silent questions: "Happiness, is that you? If so, why don't I see you? Show yourself." And it shows itself, takes on shape, color and smell, when we are already standing at the second point, at the end of the road. Luck, victory, triumph is to pass all the way. And then we only want to live with it soft, warm and prickly in our hands. Live a little longer. How necessary it is to have someone to help us enjoy this moment at this point. Someone to take care of a body tired after a long journey. Someone to give us what is already difficult to create on our own — comfort.

We've found this high level of care in Senior Group geriatric centers. Here's maximum dedication. The global aim is to improve an elderly person's quality of life. Another aim is to remove all the obstacles — let people live and enjoy their life.

It's not just about covering basic needs. It's about filling all life aspects with health — mental and physical.

Every single detail here is thought out. And that is the first thing to catch your eye. Everything is well-considered and provided for: living conditions, leisure activities and rehabilitation programs. Comfortable rooms that you can hardly call a ward, with special beds and mattresses and even special bedding sets. Showers and restrooms are fully equipped, on the principle of high safety and accessibility. There are even special alert mats in the rooms - if a resident falls down, the staff will get a signal. Everything here creates homelike atmosphere, the resident can even choose furniture according to his wishes. Due to the alert mats in the rooms the staff are always able to come in time to help. Especially at night that can prevent the elderly from falling down.

You know, it's hard to pick out a word here. It's hard to call these people guests or residents. They are at home here. You can feel it in the photos and cute things they decorate their rooms with. The interior of all centers, corridors, halls, paintings on the walls do not evoke hospital associations. But there are still many people willing to help. And they are ready to help with such cordiality and love that you forget it's their job!

The nurses, doctors and staff are one big family here.

There is no sense in wriggling; that is one of the main advantages of the Senior Group.

Family is one of the synonyms of happiness for the residents, a word that for many is also associated with loss. The atmosphere of warmth helps to heal emotional wounds and scars. One of the main reasons why an elderly person might be better off in a center rather than at home is well-thought-out leisure. A variety of social activities is another life-extending factor.

The second point is the rehabilitation programs. Here one is struck not only by the high level of professionals and the full range of possibilities, but also by the deep meaning that is put into it. It is very important to maximize the comfort of a life that sometimes suffers from such tragic things as a stroke, dementia, a broken neck of the hip. There are some amazing stories of patients who came to Senior Group centers with huge speech impairments and returned to their loved ones after having learned to communicate with them again. Here relatives are helped to get rid of confusion, to understand, to learn how to communicate, to care for their loved one. There is even a special service: caregiver training according to Israeli methods.

You sigh and rejoice that a person can be happy at an age. And what we associate with old age and nursing homes is no longer frightening.
There is so much to tell about: work with psychologists and psychiatrists, physical therapy coaches, sensory and music technologies. We have already talked in detail once in our materials here. We could go on and on; after all, the Senior Group has a website, it's very comprehensive and easy for understanding. What we are describing here is what has made an impression on us, and what has made us think again that happiness is possible at any age!

Leaving this place, you have a mixture of different feelings after having talked to people with different life experience and background. You sigh and rejoice that a person can be happy at an age. And what we associate with old age and nursing homes is no longer frightening. You realize that it isn't difficult for you to trust your loved ones to these people.

Happiness... So many thoughts... Happiness is us, the care and love of those around us... It's very hard to put it all into one. And we want to share it with you. We know that when you look at these beautiful faces, you will understand everything yourself.

With love, brought from the Senior Group,

Sincerely yours Age of Aesthetics.

by Age of Aesthetics
Text: Kate Vuchina