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"Age is a ridiculous number stamped in a passport!"

Olga Kavkazskaya
"There's no need to stop where we are now.
One should learn in order to keep up with the times, staying in touch with the youth".

Photo by: Xenia Leus
In modern society, senior-aged people are not expected to exercise or enjoy physical activity.
The most they can do is a relaxing hour-long walk in the park. That's why it's amazing and admirable to see people in their old age doing gymnastics, travelling and leading an active lifestyle.

And what would you say about the fact that our heroine is not only good at meditation, but has also become a teacher at PRANE, Europe's biggest centre with an international certificate from the BIKRAM'S Yoga COLLEGE OF INDIA. And she even manages to shine as a TV contestant on almost all main TV channels and still remains an in-demand model at her age of 82. Cool! Isn't it?

Olga says it's important to age beautifully! And don't think about age at all.
"The main thing is our inner state. Whether you glow from the inside or not. At 50, life is just beginning, and at 60, and at 70... There are many signs along the way. But they go by. One must allow oneself to take risks. There must be an inexhaustible interest in life."

- Olga, do you often think about your age?

- I have never thought about my age! I love life with all its dynamics. I remember seeing my colleagues off at retirement, buying them presents, saying nice words. And back then I cherished the thought of never being seen off to retirement, of not having that ceremony in my life. Yet age didn't scare me. I didn't like the ceremony alone, which I compared to rehearsing a funeral. And my dream came true. Until now, there has never been such a ceremony.

photo by Ksenia Leus
- You're so beautiful! Surely you've always attracted the attention of men?

- That's true. I got married again at 40. My husband was 33. This year we celebrated our 40th anniversary. 42 years in a relationship. 50 years since we met! In a relationship I put first priority on Platonic love, and still do. There shouldn't be any BUTs. Any BUT leads to a negative ending. "Marry first and love will follow" does not work!

You can become a "star" right at a very delicate age. My positivity, my attitude towards life, my energy and my tastes can boost even the younger people. They dream of looking like me when they get older.
Our heroine is a perfect illustration of the fact that age is not a certain age limit, but a state of mind. Loving a job, working out your mind and body systematically, being optimistic and open to new experiences is a simple and accessible set for everyone. It can turn a frightening sunset of life into an enjoyable and interesting period in your own story.

Photo by Ksenia Leus

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