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A woman is a source of inspiration

Tatiana Kurnevich, 58 y.o.
Everyone has someone who inspires them. For some it is the scientists Lomonosov, Maria Curie, for others the goddess Venus or that old woman who first took a parachute jump at her 72 and was absolutely delighted to be living the moment.

Various characters burst into our lives and unexpectedly become inspirations for us. We would like to introduce the woman who inspired this photo story. By the way, perhaps her interests coincide with yours. Check it out?
Introducing, Tatiana Kurnevich, 58 y.o., a music teacher and psychologist.
— Tatiana, what is inspiration for you?

— For me, inspiration is a vital creative energy that is present in all of us.
It's always a question of how well we can communicate with ourselves and, as a consequence, manage this power. It's so exciting to be on an endless quest for happiness. However, you really have to realize and feel for once that inspiration is our inner Muse.

— We heard about your dancing shoes at the age of 47. Tell us, how did you come to this?

— At first I just decided to try different group classes, then I got acquainted with Latin American program.
Latin dance classes are always expressive: moving only forward and emotional intensity. That's why I chose this direction and began to take part in tournaments. Yes, it was difficult to coordinate the body, to remember variations, to dance at a tempo, but it was so exciting! I have discovered so many new things about myself over the years! Incredible experience of working on the body, the head, the image, the interaction in a couple... And the experience of the stage! I will definitely continue dancing when I get the chance.

When asked about your career, you mentioned that your career is family. Please, tell us the details!

There is a saying: "A career is not waiting for you at home, money won't wipe away your tears and fame won't embrace you at night". A family is a home where you can be yourself. There's no need to hide behind other people's masks and seem better than you are. You are LOVED. Your family believe in you, help, guide and support you. In our family, everyone stands up for each other. That's what true happiness is all about.

My husband and I have been together for 37 years. My son is 35, my daughter is 32. My mum is 88 years old. She is a truly remarkable woman who has had an incredible life experience. She is a real role model: until a couple of years ago she used to drive her own car to the swimming pool.
— We have heard you do yoga. There is such a significant difference, dance is dynamic and yoga is static. Why is that exactly?

— Yoga came into my life a few years ago after I had to quit dancing. My daughter Anastasia helped me really get to know the practice of yoga — her hobby led her to a new profession (she is a qualified teacher). Now yoga is a part of my life, I get to know myself through working on my body.
—What advice do you have for our followers to be in tune with day to day life?

—My advice is very simple — do love life, love people, love and respect yourself. And be never lazy!
Every woman has an intuitive sense of her purpose in life, whether it is motherhood or a well-run business. Many women successfully combine these two roles and feel true happiness. May you find yours and be happy!
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Producer — Ksenia Leus
Photo — Alisa Printseva
Make-up — Valentina

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