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Elena Katsuba, 59 y.o.

For a long time, the main breadwinners and managers have been men. We have forgotten that we are having two halves that together make up one whole. Today we are beginning to notice increasingly that women are joining men in leadership positions. Not taking their place, but standing beside them. Successful and strong women are becoming more and more common in society. And yet, the notion that those women are lonely is totally wrong.

A woman like this is gifted with various combinations. We want to introduce to you such a person, communication with whom is nothing but a sheer joy — Elena Katsuba, 59 y.o.
AA: I guess you won't be surprised to hear that you are beautiful. Could you share your secrets of youth?

Elena: The secret of youth is my curiosity about life, about everything, I have interest in everything! Lust for life — this is my secret of youth. If your eyes are burning, men see no wrinkles, but a sparkle in your eyes! If you have it, you're young, if it's gone, you're old! I'm 59 years old, my body, my skin are not the same as they were at 39, but my inexhaustible optimism and zest for life provide me with a great bonus!

AA: What are the things you'd like to shout out to the world about?

Elena: Don't be ashamed of your age! It's not embarrassing. Don't compare yourself to young people. In Russia, the so-called ageism level is very high. The only term in which "old" absolutely does not bring a negative connotation is Happy Old New Year. But listen, age is fair with us all: everyone is once in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and instead of wasting time identifying faults, wouldn't it be better to enjoy life!

And the life is beautiful, especially now that you have experience and achievements and financial opportunities with you, which is also a big deal. If this argument isn't enough and you are sadly looking at 30-year-old beauties, imagine that there are surely lots of women who are enviously looking at you and thinking: "Oh... Where is my being 59?)))"
AA: Is your own success a challenge to the world, or is it your usual part of being?

Elena: If we talk about success - I'm just a traditional entrepreneur, with no initial parental capital, no great nepotism. A self-made hero! I am quite sure of one thing, if a person puts all his or her energy into the business, his or her project will definitely be successful and vivid. I have proven that many times.

I am multitasking and have always run several projects which would seem to be quite different. I'm simply sure that the rules are the same everywhere — whether you sell nappies or rails! The main thing, I repeat, is ENERGY! I've always been OK with it)))

AA: It must be very energy-consuming. Of what do you find an outlet for you?

Elena: I don't need it, every moment of my life is beautiful! After all, the energy input gives results, and I am happy about it.
AA: Well, looking far ahead, how do you see your life after turning 90?

Elena: I hope to be that sort of dry and cheerful "grandma". Travelling with my "grandpa", drinking coffee in cosy seaside cafés and pampering my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with cool gifts))) My mum was over 92, when she died, so I think I have every chance of reaching 90 at least, at least that's what I'll strive for. I want to live forever! It's working out so far))).

AA: How did you take your age?

Elena: Until about 50, every age I ever had was better than the previous one. I met my husband when I was 45 (he is 12 years younger than me).

When I ran a business at the age of 35, I was absolutely sure of my irresistibility. I felt like I could walk through any door and everyone would hear me, see me and do whatever I wanted because I had energy and I could be exciting, vibrant and unforgettable.

Now, to be fair, I'm not)) But I like myself and the people around me and I don't hesitate to get new compliments — ""How 59??? I don't believe it!!!))"
AA: So, let's talk about the aesthetics of age. In your opinion, does it exist and what does it mean?

Elena: For me, the aesthetics of age is harmony, which should be in everything.

You should not try to copy your 35-year-old self. Short skirts, shorts, décolleté. It turns out to be rather sad and irrelevant, even if the legs are as long as they used to be... You should learn how to look cool as a 59-year-old woman!

Be healthy, strong, confident, energetic, positive and modern. So that young maidens, looking at you, can say, "It's not scary to grow old at all!"
Photo story of the wonderful Helen was created by:

Producer — Ksenia Leus
Editor — Gaya Rishart
Photographer — Alisa Printseva
Make-up — Yana Panara
Stylist — Anastasiya

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