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Aging is a deep transformation

Alexandra Milutin-Lanzi , 62 y.o.

Approaching her 62nd birthday, Alexandra Milutin-Lanzi carries a wealth of experience into her current role.
Her medical career, initially steeped in pediatric cardiac surgery, general surgery, and Traumatology pivoted out towards pioneering in early rehabilitation and specializing in physical and rehabilitative medicine and osteopathy. Over the years, Alexandra served as a senior consultant and later as the head of an outpatient center for chronic pain.
Since 2018, she has been dedicated to osteopathic and functional medicine since a few months in her first clinic in Switzerland, Bern, which she runs with her husband, a nutritionist.
Married since 2000 to Alessandro, Alexandra is a mother to three adult children and engages passionately in various community initiatives. Her hobbies reflect a keen interest in lifelong learning and community service—from leading workshops using Lego for serious play to exploring local wild plants and spearheading the Wichtelchallenge, a social project aimed at fulfilling Christmas wishes for the less fortunate in Switzerland.
When discussing her approach to aging, Alexandra shares, "There is transformation present in aging, being alive and in action with what is important to me now."
Inspired early on by the writings of Carlos Castaneda, she believes in living with full awareness and presence in all life stages, each holding its unique value and significance, and all are to be fully embraced.
Alexandra sees her role in the world as "making the world the best possible one that works for anyone minute by minute and choosing to engage in the value of diversity of us humans and all around in our wonderful earth."

On the topic of ageism, she reflects on changes over generations, noting that "Life experience and quality of life have altered massively in our part of the world since my grandparents aged."

Her daily life is filled with humor and gratitude, and she cites Louise Hay, Cindy Josef, and Oprah Winfrey as her role models in embracing age with grace and vitality. Alexandra confidently states that women lack nothing after 50; they only gain more freedom and wisdom.
I love my grey curly hair and my amazing powerful body.
Her positive view of natural aging is clear: "I love my grey curly hair and my amazing powerful body,"and she embraces the joys and challenges of getting older with an open heart and daily actions as meditation, practising energy medicine, breathing, ice bathing and training her body on top to gym in the morning sun of her terrace once a week by High intensity training.

Alexandra also speaks to the acceptance of her body changes, sharing:

For example just recently out of this my breasts are soft after lactating all together three years my three kids and now regained a beautiful form out of my nutrition, moving and training my body joyfully and curiously
In her relationships, she finds them to be "profound, straight forward and wholehearted" at her age. She describes the elder years as "the third third, being freed up from the past of my education and beliefs of youth, empowered by the experience of the second part with building a career and my own family, now it is living to the outmost what is important to me, my beloved ones and our amazing world of diversity."
Alexandra's final advice resonates with authenticity and encouragement: "Keep persisting and courageous in what is important to you and connect to anyone as being great, first to yourself." Her journey and words serve as a beacon for embracing age with vitality and purpose.
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Ksenia Leus

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