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For the world to change, you are to become that change

Lada Rozanova, 55 y.o.

We are often complaining about the reality around us. Some are dissatisfied with the system, others with society, and some with their loved ones. But only few people ask themselves what they can change about their own selves?
Searching for one's path is one of the main goals that a person comes into this life with. It is essential for everyone to answer the questions: Who am I? What is my strength? What can I give to this world? A clear understanding of one's purpose fills life with joy and meaning.

People thinking one person is not able to change the world are completely wrong. They forget that the whole world is made up of people themselves.

AA: Lada, there's a reason for such an introduction. We know that your life is quite eventful. Tell us a little about yourself.

Happy. Twice divorced. First marriage lasted two days. Second marriage 10 years. I got two daughters from the second marriage, 20 and 26 y.o. The older one graduated from Cambridge with a First class honours degree, and works in England for a pharma company. The younger one finished school with a gold medal and is now studying at Plekhanov University.

At 20, I started working for Planet Complex, the largest holding company in Russia. I rose from a desk clerk to Director of Procurement. At 25, I joined the Board of Directors of GoldInvestment, the largest jewelry holding in Russia, as Director of Purchasing. At 27, I bought my first apartment. Yes, I am proud of this because I did it myself. At 30, I created the Bosch auto parts company in partnership with British Petroleum. At 36, I started a landscape architecture company. I've been trading the stock market since 2015. But that's not all (smiling).

AA: Lada, you are an established woman, mother and professional. You've been awarded the best astrologer of 2021 (according to the magazine Luxury in Russia). What else are you really passionate about?

✔ I read 20 to 30 books a year. These are psychology, motivation, finance, body work, medicine.
✔ For 4 months, 6 days a week for 2-3 hours, I learn to dance social dances, Kizomba. In the next six months I plan to attend three Kizomba festivals.
✔ I visit at least four countries a year as a traveler. I have already visited 30 countries.
✔ I have almost finished writing a book. It's about the extraordinary stories in my life. It's about the ability to love and be loved, it's about random cases in life.
✔ I am also fond of running my two YouTube channels. I don't know if it's a hobby or a job. But in two years, I've now got 40,000 subscribers.
AA: Is your success a challenge to the world or does it just correspond to your usual belief: a person must be successful?

Lada: A person doesn't owe anyone anything. A person needs to feel what they really want for themselves and live in that paradigm. If you love yourself and feel your body, you will give your love both to your children and your parents. I used to tell my children that if I am happy, I will make the whole world happy, if I am unhappy, I will poison the life of each of you.

One person feels happy alone without any success, and another person is happy through expansion, through helping others. So for me, success is not a challenge to the world. For me, my success is my component of happiness.

AA: What's of real importance to you?

Lada: People. They are my kids, my friends, my acquaintances, my followers. I just love communicating with people. I love attracting sincere, intelligent, interesting people into my world. It's an amazing cycle of energy between me and other people.

AA: Our photo stories feature unique people and we can't help but ask: your secrets to youth?

Lada: To live joyfully and in love. I don't have a "should" for me, I have a "want" for me. There is so much I want to do! Therefore, I eat only what I like, I communicate only with those people who give me love, and I know how to manage the world through knowledge. And as I try to give people light, only light people are attracted to me. Similar things are attracted to similar things. This is the secret of youth: to live in love to the world and to myself.

AA: How did you accept your age?

Lada: Accepting my age was hard for me. A year ago, I added my age in the header of my Instagram profile (recognized as an extremist organization and banned in Russia) and YouTube profile to work on my fear. But I recently deleted it so I wouldn't shock my young lovers. Now I am not ashamed and not afraid to tell how old I am, I feel desirable and sexy. Once I got over my fear and told everyone how old I was, I accepted my age and I am now comfortable with it.
AA: What do our women after 50 lack? What advice would you have for women who are afraid of getting old?

Lada: Fear of old age doesn't just exist after 50, but also after 30, it can exist at any age. Each age has its own competitive advantages. The world takes away our youth, but gives us money. The world takes away youthful body shapes, but gives us children. The world takes away our freedom, but gives us a man. The world takes away our first 50 years, but gives us wits and wisdom. I'm sure when I'm 65, the world will give me something very interesting. Perhaps I will do something special or amazing.

AA: So where do you draw your energy and love of life from?

Lada: Sleep, food, books, sports, sex. It's very simple. I sleep 7 to 8 hours in a dark room often with earplugs. I eat a Japanese interval system 6/7 hours a day. For the rest of the time, all I drink is hot water or green tea. My mornings start with me turning on a meditation in bed on my goal, followed by awesome audiobooks in the background. Every morning I do a 30 minute warm-up. And six days a week I do 2 - 3 hours of dance classes. Couples dancing is about getting in touch with masculine energy. And I really love sex.

AA: Do you believe in a healthy amount of complacency? What does a woman actually do to extinguish excessive emotionality?

Lada: I'm empathic. I can burst into tears while watching a cartoon. I sometimes cry when I do counseling for people. I don't believe in a healthy amount of complacency. But I do believe that we can choose the emotions we want to feel in a particular moment. For example, I don't want to feel pain at the funeral of my friend's child. And as a result of my inner attunement, I feel calm and even peaceful there in the moment, taking the story for granted. In other words, I don't want to experience suffering under the pressure of circumstances.
I want to choose when and how I feel.
But when I feel like I want to experience sadness, I can easily start crying in public. And I do it consciously. So emotions can not only be controlled, they can be chosen, if you feel truly what your body wants.

AA: Do we always allow ourselves to be ourselves or do we still have to play a role someway?

Lada: Both statements are correct, they are not mutually exclusive. Every woman has many roles, images or sub-personalities inside. We can be a little girl, a cheeky madam, a sad woman, a smart and rizzy visionary, a pranky empress, a cold snow queen. And that's all we are!

That's why we don't play roles, we are them. A real woman knows how to change these roles like a dress from her closet depending on who she wants to be now. For example, right now I am an article writer - smart, even wise and intelligent, but I have the image of a "motherfucker" and possibly a sexy lecher. I just don't need that outfit now, but it also shows my true self.

AA: Does popularity or happiness prefer silence?

Lada: Happiness loves sex, good food, laughter, sunshine overhead, but definitely not silence. I don't know what popularity loves . I've never been a star, so it's not for me to tell.
AA: In your opinion, does the aesthetics of age actually exist and in what ways does it reveal itself?

Lada: For me, the aesthetics of age is about being yourself, being harmonious, not being ashamed of your age, not being shy. It's about eco-friendly expressing your thoughts and feelings, and it's about being happy at any age. It's about feminine wisdom, about exciting women with shining eyes. It's also about the harmony of mind, spirit and body that only comes with age.

AA: What's your philosophy of life?

Lada: Today, my philosophy of life is to make the world a little better. And I do it by concrete things. By the help of live broadcasts with free analysis of people's problems, posts and videos, funny Reels to make people smile, giveaways and gifts in social networks, and volunteering.

I wake up happy, and I try to give a piece of that happiness throughout the day away to people along the way. I motivate people to develop, I teach them to be strong and energetic, and most importantly, I teach them to live life with pleasure and an open heart. This is my philosophy of life.
NEVER GIVE UP!!! I wish you perseverance and strength of character in achieving your goals, to reveal your love for your loved ones, and live life with pleasure and an open heart, as I do!
Vivid Lada's photo story was created by:

Producer — Ksenia Leus
Editor — Gaya Rishart
Photo — Egor Shabanov
MUA — Aleksandra Yatsenko
Style — Zoya Кruzhkova

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